Please note our hours have changed!

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Boarding services available

If you need crickets or mealworms for your reptiles, come in and see us. We can also help with boarding bunnies, reptiles and most small animals. We offer daily or weekly boarding. We are your first stop for all of your pet needs.


Since 1989, we have been taken great pride in offering a large selection of locally bred small animals.

  • Hamsters

  • Gerbils

  • Guinea pigs

  • Bunnies

  • Ferrets

  • Mice and rats

  • Geckos

  • Bearded dragons

  • King snakes

  • Boa constrictors

  • Horned frogs

  • Parakeets

  • Cockatiels

  • Lovebirds

  • Doves

  • And so much more!

Some of our animals:

Food for all pets

You will also find quality food for exotic animals, too. This includes sugar gliders, degus, chinchillas, and hedgehogs. We also have food items for more common pets.


We sell live bait!


Including shiners, night crawlers and trout worms.

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